How Do You Hang a Bathroom Mirror?

How Do You Hang a Bathroom Mirror?

Hang a frameless bathroom mirror by determining the location, locating studs in the wall behind the mirror, installing the bottom mounting brackets, and setting the mirror in place. Have a helper assist with lifting the mirror and holding it in place while you attach the top- and side-mounting brackets.

  1. Determine the location

    Most homeowners center the mirror over the sink; however, there are other possible locations. Once you determine the location, hold the mirror in place, and use a level to ensure it is horizontal. Mark the four corners.

  2. Locate the studs

    Use a stud finder to locate the studs behind the wall. Mark the locations on the wall.

  3. Install the lower brackets

    While installing the brackets directly into a stud is the easiest approach, using toggle bolts is acceptable if the studs are not in the correct position to provide support.

  4. Lift the mirror into the lower brackets

    Place the bottom of the mirror in the brackets. If it is large, enlist the aid of a helper to lift and hold the brackets. While some installers recommend using construction adhesive in addition to the brackets, its use causes damage to the drywall and possibly to the mirror if you need to remove the mirror in the future.

  5. Attach the remaining brackets

    Attach brackets at the top and sides of the mirror for additional support.