Who Handles Utility Pole Installation?


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Contractors install utility poles. Different municipalities and states have different regulations regarding the identification of underground utility lines before digging a hole for a utility pole, and contractors must be familiar with those rules and practices.

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Utility pole contractors are necessary for a number of different applications. When the poles serve utilities, the most common needs involve establishing electrical service on a temporary basis, distributing power for private uses, erecting lights for sports facilities or parking lots and supporting billboards. Telecommunication antennas are another application for which poles have utility-related uses.

Because the same knowledge about digging regulations and skill in installation are required for non-utility applications, many contractors also handle pole installation for signs, playground supports, safety netting and a variety of uses in mobile home parks. Some contractors are also experts in connecting the electrical supply safely to the utility poles and to the buildings served by that utility.

The central piece of equipment used for excavation of the hole is an auger truck. This vehicle has the attachments to drill holes as deep as 10 feet into the ground, with several choices as far as diameter. Some contractors also keep utility poles in stock, making their service response in a shorter amount of time.

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