How Do You Handle a Roach Infestation?


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Stop a roach infestation by sealing any entry points, reducing the number of active roaches with insecticide bombs and using a boric acid mixture for killing any residual insects. If a building has a serious roach infestation, residents often find it worth calling an exterminator who offers a guarantee to eliminate the problem.

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Roaches enter homes through many different ways. Many come in through cracks around plumbing and in the walls. Others work their way around doors and windows. Occupants sometimes carry the insects in the house with groceries and other supplies. Seal and weatherstrip the entry points to reduce the number of roaches.

Insecticide bombs spread poison throughout the open spaces. Before using the bombs, clear the area of all humans and pets, including fish and birds. Open the cabinet doors so the fog reaches into the hidden areas where cockroaches congregate. Activate the number of units to fill the space, and leave for the amount of time the manufacturer indicates.

Mix equal portions of boric acid, cocoa powder and powdered sugar for a cockroach bait. Disperse this powder in a thin layer around the areas where the roaches gather. Boric acid is toxic to cockroaches and helps to prevent reinfestation.

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