How Do You Handle a Dead Animal in the Wall?

How Do You Handle a Dead Animal in the Wall?

When a dead animal is suspected to be in the wall, locate where the smell is strongest and cut the wall open to remove the animal. Any nesting material and insects should also be removed, before applying odor control and sealing the wall back up.

Animals often get into the walls of a home and have trouble getting back out again. Sometimes, an animal will die before it is possible to find and coax it back out again. It is possible to remove the creature with a little effort.

  1. Follow the scent
  2. Animal waste removers will often track down an animal's body stuck in the walls by using their noses. Get right up next to the wall and sniff for the area where the odor of decay is strongest. The wall around this spot may also feel slightly warmer.

  3. Cut the wall away
  4. Use a hand saw to cut a small- to medium-sized hole in the wall. Take care to avoid cutting into wall studs. Use a flashlight to locate the body and remove it from the inside of the wall. Wear gloves while handling the animal's body. Remove any nesting material or insects that are also present in the wall.

  5. Deodorize the area
  6. Spray an odor neutralizer into the wall space to help neutralize the odors that have built up. This product will contain enzymes that break down smelly organic compounds. A disinfectant spray can also be useful to clean the wall space and area around the opening. Repair the wall with a patch when finished.