How Do You Hand Wash Clothes?


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To wash clothes by hand, fill a sink with warm water and about 1 tablespoon of a mild detergent. Then, place the clothing item in the soapy water, and squish it around gently to clean it. Finally, rinse the garment in a second sink filled with clear, cool water before ringing it out and hanging it up to air dry.

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Most clothing items contain tags with basic washing instructions. If these instructions tell you to use a specific type of detergent, then that is the type you should add to your wash water. Otherwise, any mild laundry detergent or dish soap works well. Also pay close attention to whether the instructions specify a water temperature in which the clothing item should be washed. Some items must be washed in cold or warm water; if the label does not specify, lukewarm water is a good choice.

When you're massaging your clothing in the soapy water, be careful not to use any twisting motions, as this might stretch the fabric. If there is a stain you are worried about, letting the garment soak in the water for an hour or two may make it easier to scrub away. When you're done washing your clothing in the sudsy water, make sure you rinse it thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. You may need to empty and refill your rinse sink with clean water several times.

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