What Are Some Hand Towel Dispenser Designs?


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Hand towel dispenser designs include modern constructions that feature a brushed metal or stainless steel exterior in the shape of a tissue box or bright white hand towel dispensers with a rectangular shape and a slot for the towels to dispense at the bottom. An additional design includes a circular structure that sits on the sink and provides a small opening for the towels to dispense at the top.

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Many businesses opt for a simple design for hand towel dispensers that include a black, white or chrome finish wall unit that requires users to press a button or crank a handle to dispense hand towels from the bottom of the unit. Advanced dispensers feature technology that allows hands-free use where sensors recognize when a hand is reaching for a towel. The towels are automatically dispensed one at a time when the sensors alert the unit.

Hand towel dispensers can be stationary on a sink or in a kitchen area or built-in to the counter construction where the case is concealed and the top towel peaks through the opening, similar to a tissue box. Businesses commonly install hand towel dispensers in kitchens, work areas and bathrooms to improve the safety and sanitation of employees and customers.

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