What Is Hand-Scraped Flooring?


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Hand-scraped flooring, also called hand-sculptured flooring, is a modern finishing style for floor planks intended to approximate the scraped look of classical, artisan-prepared wood. During the process, a knife is applied to the flesh of the wood in order to create a smooth, even surface and to offer randomly appearing patterns.

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Modern hand-scraped flooring can be accomplished either by machine or by hand, and can be used on both solid and engineered wood materials. When hand-prepared, the woodworker uses a single-bladed draw knife to remove shavings from the surface, always pulling the knife toward him. In most cases, the woodworker then finishes the flooring with a thick, clear sealant called urethane, which requires only limited maintenance by the homeowner.

Hand-scraped finishes are often very different from distressed finishes, usually possessing far more variation from plank to plank than the latter. Additionally, distressed flooring is intentionally made to appear as if it has already endured significant wear, is typically done by machine and sometimes has contrived features, such as fake wormholes. If considering hand-scraped options, the homeowner should choose a contractor based on samples of finished products and on the quality of patterns employed. Furthermore, potential contractors should be artistically flexible in meeting the specific demands of the client.

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