What Is a Hammer Drill Used For?


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Hammer drills are typically used when the driller is working with harder materials. The hammer drill features a unique clutch that lets the drill move up and down in the same way a hammer does during drilling.

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What Is a Hammer Drill Used For?
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According to The Tool Guru, a hammer drill is suitable for use on concrete. After placing the drill bit inside the drill and marking a spot on the concrete, the user holds the drill perpendicular to the concrete and starts drilling. Every few seconds, the user slowly pulls the drill back and away from the concrete. This forces the clutch to push in and out of the hole, which helps the user drill through the concrete faster.

According to The Wood Whisperer, a hammer drill is similar to a jackhammer. While drilling through a hard surface, users notice that the drill jerks back and forth against the surface. Some people find that it takes some time before they adjust to using the tool. Designed for use on hard surfaces, the drill is suitable for use on concrete, stone and brick. It also works well in masonry applications, and The Wood Whisperer recommends a hammer drill for those who work around masonry on a regular basis.

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