How Does a Halogen Oven Work?


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A halogen oven cooks food using a halogen lamp that generates waves of infrared light to heat the area within the oven chamber. A fan circulates the heated air to evenly cook contents via convective heat transfer.

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The cost, size and portability of a halogen oven is comparable to that of a toaster oven, and it is known for being more energy efficient and reducing cooking time when compared to a conventional oven. Its heating chamber includes a clear glass bowl with a glass lid and multiple metal racks. The heating element includes a circular halogen filament, a fan and oven controls, and many models feature a temperature control interface and automated timer. The oven is designed to produce intense heat in a relatively short time period.

Users should place a halogen oven on an open counter, keeping items that can burn or melt far from the appliance. Individuals may also wish to buy a stand on which to place the hot lid and an extending ring to allow the oven to cook large items. Users can clean the oven by adding detergent and hot water to the empty chamber before turning on the device, allowing the fan to swirl the soapy water for approximately 10 minutes.

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