What Are Some Half-Bath Designs?


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Some half-bath designs include using boldly-patterned wallpaper to add the illusion of space, adding botanical artwork in vintage frames along with traditional wood furniture for an old-world feel and installing simple bamboo walls and stone countertops for a sophisticated look. Other designs make use of the small space in a half-bath by installing pedestal sinks to free up floor space and adding vertical shelving to take advantage of unused wall space.

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An individual can brighten up a small half-bath by designing it with light colors and tiles to give it an airy feel. Floating shelves can be placed below the counter to add storage space without taking up floor space and making the room look crowded. The room can also appear larger if the wall tiling is installed vertically instead of horizontally and if mirrors are strategically placed throughout the room. Shelving sunken in between the wall boards and pocket doors can add space without making the room smaller.

An individual can add a mid-century modern look to the bathroom by decorating it in contrasting colors such as white and black. Black doors contrast with a white porcelain sink and toilet while the walls display stripes in white and black tiles. A simple vessel sink offset by a large mirror can add a classy touch to a half-bath.

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