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H2O Concepts International is a water-conditioning and treatment system company based in Phoenix. The company claims to own water filters that are certified green for environmentally friendly products. Products range from whole-house systems to smaller units that connect to individual water faucets. H2O Concepts International has offices and salespeople in other states such as California.

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H2O Concepts has patented technology that uses electrical currents to break up particles of minerals so they don't build up in pipes. For water softeners, that means no refilling of water conditioning pellets on a regular basis. Electrical costs for some models are less than $1 per month using low-voltage power.

Water from the filters and softeners is safe for pets and plants. The filtered water is not acidic and maintains healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Each filter is manufactured in Phoenix, and products have a 10-year warranty. Whole-home filtering systems reduce or eliminate heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine and pharmaceuticals. Certified plumbers must install whole-house systems at the main water pipe.

The company was founded in 1991 and incorporated in 2000. It incorporated German water treatment systems into its own designs. H2O Concepts hires and trains its own installers and maintains its own fleet of vehicles.

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