How Do You Get Gum Out of Jeans?


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To get gum out of jeans, freeze the gum with ice cubes, and use a knife to scrape it off. You need ice cubes, a flat surface, a knife, washing detergent and an old toothbrush to accomplish this task. The process takes a few minutes to complete.

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  1. Freeze the gum

    Use your fingers to pull off as much gum as possible from your jeans. Place one cube underneath the jeans directly below the gum. Balance the second ice cube on top of the gum, directly over the first ice cube. Let the gum freeze for 30 minutes. Freezing stops the gum from sinking deeper into the fabric.

  2. Scrape off the gum

    Once the gum has frozen, remove the ice cubes, and lay the jeans on a flat surface. Use a knife to scrape off the frozen gum. Try no to damage the fabric while scraping. You can use the blunt edge of the knife. If gum does not come off, freeze it again.

  3. Scrub off any remaining gum residue

    Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the area where the gum was removed to get rid of any gum residue. Wash your jeans with detergent, rinse them, and dry your jeans.

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