How Do You Get Gum Out of Berber Carpet?


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According to FiberCare, a carpet cleaning service in El Paso, Texas, professional carpet cleaners use a method that removes chewing gum from carpeting in less than a minute. This method uses a butter knife and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which can be found in any drug store or big box store.

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Pour the rubbing alcohol liberally over the gum stuck to the carpet. Saturate the area thoroughly so that the carpet fibers under the gum get completely wet. Then, use the butter knife to gently and easily scrape the gum off the carpet. Use extra care when scraping up the gum from Berber carpeting so that the butter knife does not damage the loops on the carpet. FiberCare states that this method does not require rinsing and does not damage carpets.

According to FiberCare, a special tool designed specifically to remove gum from carpeting, called a Gum Getter, is available online and can be used in place of a butter knife. The Carpet Cleaning Megastore states that the Gum Getter also works on dried gum, and specific gels to remove gum are available in place of rubbing alcohol. Place the appropriate gel on the gum and wait for one minute. Then, use the Gum Getter to roll up the gum and remove it.

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