How Do I Get Gum Off of My Skin?

Remove bubble gum from skin by rubbing it off with baby oil and cotton balls. If no baby oil is available, use some sort of cooking oil or household lubricant.

  1. Apply baby oil to the skin

    Using a cotton ball, apply a generous amount of baby oil to the gum. Be sure to apply it around the gum, directly on the skin.

  2. Let it sit a few minutes

    Allow the oil to soften the gum by allowing it to sit on the area for just a few minutes. The softer the gum, the easier it will be to take off.

  3. Rub off the gum with a cotton ball or swab

    Depending on the amount of gum stuck to the skin, use either a cotton swab or a cotton ball to rub off the gum. It should easily come off without pulling at the skin's hair.

  4. Allow additional time for the gum to soak

    If there is residual gum left on the skin, add more baby oil and wait a few more minutes. Then attempt to wipe it off again.

  5. Clean off the area with soap and water

    Once the gum is completely removed from the skin, wash it with soap and water.