How Do You Get Gum Off Your Pants?

How Do You Get Gum Off Your Pants?

To remove gum from clothing, rub ice over the gum until the gum hardens, then scrape to remove the debris. You will need ice, a freezer bag and a blunt-edged knife. Gum can be removed from most clothing in about 30 minutes. This method is most successful when the gum is fresh.

  1. Prepare the freezer bag

    Place clean ice into a freezer bag. Try to remove as much air as possible from the bag to maximize how much ice can touching the gum. Alternatively, you can place the article of clothing in a freezer bag and then place the whole thing in a freezer.

  2. Place the ice onto the gum

    Place the freezer bag over the gum on the clothing until the gum hardens. If you wish, you can apply ice directly to the gum without the freezer bag, but only if the fabric is not sensitive to water. Remove the ice from the clothing once the gum has hardened.

  3. Remove gum from the clothing

    After the gum has hardened, use a blunt-edged knife to scrape the gum off. For more delicate articles of clothing, you can peel the gum off with your fingers and use a toothbrush to remove any residue. After the gum is removed, you may wish to treat spot where it was stuck to the article of clothing with soap or detergent before washing.