How Does a Grundfos Circulation Pump Work?


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A Grundfos circulation pump works by constantly moving water between the hot water pipe of a water heater and the water fixture furthest away from the heater. The circulation pump both increases convenience for the homeowner and prevents wasting large quantities of water.

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Normally a hot water heater supplies hot water to an entire house through a single hot water line that has branches at each water fixture. Once hot water travels from the water heater into this main line, it quickly cools unless water is actively flowing from the water heater and out of a fixture. When homeowners want hot water at a fixture, they have to wait several moments after turning the faucet on until warm water flows. Depending on the fixture, up to 12 gallons of water are wasted every time an individual waits for warm water.

The Grundfos circulation system adds a return line at the farthest hot water fixture in the home. The circulation pump attaches directly to the hot water heater. The return line connects to the circulation pump, which continuously pumps hot water between the water heater's reservoir and the farthest hot water fixture. By constantly circulating hot water throughout the home, the Grundfos pump provides immediate access to hot water from any tap in the home.

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