How Do You Grow Winter Pansies?

How Do You Grow Winter Pansies?

How Do You Grow Winter Pansies?

Grow winter pansies by purchasing pansies with established roots, planting them at the right time, planting them in a good location, mulching the flowers, fertilizing the flowers, and deadheading the plants. You need winter pansy plants, a trowel, well-drained soil, fertilizer, mulch and pruning scissors.

  1. Purchase pansies with established roots

    Purchase winter pansies with established roots systems. This enables the pansies a better chance at surviving transplantation and cold weather.

  2. Plant pansies at the right time

    Plant winter pansies when the soil reaches a temperature between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Plant the flowers in a good location

    Plant the flowers in a location that has well-drained soil. Roots can rot in damp, heavy soils. Planting the pansies in a raised bed helps to keep water from collecting around the roots.

  4. Mulch the plants

    Lay a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plants. This helps to protect the roots from colder temperatures.

  5. Fertilize the plants

    Feed the plants with a liquid fertilizer. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the label of the fertilizer container. Avoid slow-release or ammonia fertilizers.

  6. Deadhead the flowers

    Snip away any flowers as soon as they fade. This helps to keep the plant safe from frost damage.