How Do You Grow Wheat?


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Grow wheat by choosing the right variety for your location, planting at the right time, preparing the planting area, watering the seeds and feeding the seedlings twice a year. Planting times depend on the type of wheat. Plant winter wheat in the fall six weeks before the first hard frost, and harvest it in July; plant spring wheat in the spring, and harvest it in the fall.

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Select a planting area that receives full sunlight. Till the soil to loosen it, and work in manure or compost to add drainage and nutrients. Sow the wheat seed in furrows or trenches 2 to 2 1/2 inches deep, and fill in the trenches with soil.

Water the wheat immediately after planting and only once a month during hot and dry weather. Winter wheat varieties usually require no additional water after planting. Feed the growing seedlings twice using a general fertilizer. Place plastic flags or other noisemakers in the garden bed to discourage birds from feeding on the seeds.

Once the wheat plants turn golden and bend over and the grains are hard and crunchy, harvest the plants using a scythe or sickle depending on the size of the plot. Gather the sheaves together, and allow them to dry completely before separating out the grain.

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