How Do You Grow a Venus Fly Trap?

The Venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant that catches insects for nutrition. To grow one, you need a Venus fly trap bulb, a terrarium or pot and tray, peat moss and sand, distilled water or rainwater, and live insects.

  1. Plant the bulb

    Plant the Venus fly trap bulb either in a small terrarium with an unclosed lid or a tall pot with a tray of water underneath for humidity. The potting mix should be two parts peat moss to one part clean sand. Keep 1 inch of water in the tray at all times, but the plant's roots shouldn't touch the water. Place the plant in an area where it gets about 6 hours a day of direct sunlight. The temperature should be between 45 to 98 degrees F. In winter, during the plant's dormancy, the temperature can be 30 to 50 degrees F.

  2. Water the plant

    Water the plant every 5 to 7 days so the soil remains moist. Use only distilled water or rainwater, as tap water will kill the Venus fly trap.

  3. Feed the plant

    Instead of requiring fertilizer, Venus fly traps receive nutrition from the insects they catch. Every 2 or 3 months, feed the plant flies, spiders, bloodworms, slugs, crickets and other insects either bought at a pet shop or brought in from outdoors. The insects should be no bigger than one-third the size of the plant's trap. Place each insect onto the trap; the trap will close while the plant ingests it.