How Do You Grow Vegetables in Containers?


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Grow vegetables in containers by choosing a properly drained container, using a good potting mix and preparing the soil before planting. Water the vegetables well, as container plants require more water than garden plants.

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First, choose a site with full-sun access in which to place the pots. Depending on the climate, avoid cement that can make plants too hot, or place the containers against a south-facing wall to preserve heat. Next, choose containers such as large flowerpots, plastic containers and buckets. As a general rule, the bigger the container the better, with a minimum 5-gallon size. Avoid clay pots that absorb moisture and require more water, and pick light-colored containers to keep them from absorbing too much heat.

Use potting mix for container gardening, or combine 1/3 part sand or perlite, 1/3 part peat moss and 1/3 part potting soil. Before sowing vegetable seeds or transplanting seedlings to the containers, water the soil well, and then follow the planting instructions. Water the plants or seeds immediately after planting, and continue to watch the moisture level and keep the soil moist. Feed the plants or seeds a month after planting, and then every week afterward during the growing season, using a water-soluble fertilizer.

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