How Do You Grow Variegated Vinca Vine Plants?

Variegated vinca vines are fast growing shade and drought tolerant plants that are classified as invasive in some states. Grow yours by planting it with full sun or shade and cut it back aggressively when it's necessary to contain its growth. Seasonal trimming typically takes about one hour.

  1. Choose the best spot for rapid growth

    Plan carefully before planting vinca vines, as each one will cover large amounts of ground in a short period of time. Plant them far from walkways and waterways, where they do the most invasive damage.

  2. Provide the proper sun and soil conditions

    Variegated vinca comes in two varieties: sun-loving major and shade-tolerant minor. Plant each variety 18 inches apart according to its light preference and plant minor vines in soil that drains well. Water both varieties until they are established.

  3. Cut vinca back to contain its growth

    Trim your vinca vines whenever you need to, and plan for aggressive cutting at the end of the growing season. Dispose of the cuttings properly, as they will readily take root wherever you discard them. Remember to clean and disinfect your hand shears before using them to prevent the spread of disease, and wipe them after each cut.