How Do You Grow Tulips?


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Grow tulips by planting the bulbs, watering the flowers, adding compost every year, adding fertilizer, and deadheading faded flowers. You need well-drained soil, tulip bulbs, water, compost, liquid fertilizer and pruning scissors.

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  1. Choose a spot

    Choose an ideal spot to plant the tulip bulbs. Choose well-drained soil with access to sunlight and a neutral or slightly acidic pH.

  2. Choose the right time

    Plant the bulbs in the fall when the soil temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Plant the bulbs

    Dig an 8-inch hole, and place the bulb inside the hole with the pointed end turned up. Keep a minimum of 4 inches between each bulb hole. Fill the hole with soil, and tamp the soil firmly.

  4. Fertilize the bulbs

    Fertilize the bulbs immediately after planting them using a balanced, time-release fertilizer. After the tulips flower, fertilize the plants once per week for a month.

  5. Water the flowers

    Only water the bulbs after planting them and during dry spells.

  6. Compost the flowers

    Compost the flowers once every year.

  7. Deadhead the flowers

    Once the tulip flowers start to fade, use pruning scissors to cut off the flower heads. Wait six weeks, and prune the rest of the flowers down to the ground.

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