How Do You Grow Truffles?

To grow truffles, find a location in a temperate climate with alkaline soil, and plant oak or hazelnut tree seedlings with the fungus. After five to six years, the truffles begin to appear.

  1. Find a location

    Truffles grow best between the latitudes of 40 to 47, but more importantly, they require a temperate climate with alkaline soil. For best results, you need at least an acre of land with 500 trees per acre.

  2. Test the soil

    To test the pH of the soil, add a few spoonfuls of dirt with an equal amount of white vinegar to a jar, and shake it. Open the jar, and listen to it. If it fizzes, the soil is alkaline. Seek professional help for further testing. If the climate is ideal, but the soil is not alkaline, you can add lime.

  3. Order and plant the seedlings

    Find a truffle farm that sells seedlings with the fungus growing on the roots. Purchase enough seedlings to cover the land.

  4. Tend the plants

    As the trees grow, prune them, and remove any weeds or other growing vegetation.

  5. Harvest the truffles

    When the truffles have grown, the ground bulges around the base of the tree. At this time you can dig up the truffles. Truffles may appear as early as four years after planting, but five to six is more realistic. Trees reach peak production after eight to 10 years, yielding as much as a quarter pound per tree.