How do you grow tomatoes from seed?


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Growing tomatoes from seed is economical, increases the variety available to you and allows you to ensure your crops are truly organic. While you can plant enough seeds in a few minutes to grow plants for the entire family, there are several steps required to yield fresh tomatoes. The process requires pots, seed-starting mix and seeds.

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  1. Choose the right time to plant

    Plant the seeds indoors six to eight weeks before you plan to transplant them outdoors. This early start ensures you will have tomatoes before the first frost at the end of the harvest.

  2. Prepare the pots

    Reuse pots from previous years or plastic food containers at least 2 inches deep. Cut three to four holes for drainage in containers without them. Fill each container with moistened seed-starting mix.

  3. Plant the seeds

    Add two to three seeds to each pot. Cover with a thin layer of seed-starting mix. Water each container thoroughly. Cover the pots with plastic wrap to conserve moisture.

  4. Watch for growth

    Check the pots daily to ensure the planting mix is still moist, and look for new growth. As soon as you see the new tomato plants, remove the plastic and place the containers under grow lights or in a sunny window. As the plants grow, select the hardiest plant in each pot and remove any other plants.

  5. Transplant the tomatoes

    After six to eight weeks, transplant the young tomato plants outdoors.

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