How Do You Grow Tomatoes Indoors?


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Grow tomatoes indoors by picking a variety grows well in containers, starting the seeds in a small pot, placing the plants in a sunny spot, transplanting the seedlings to larger pots, fertilizing the seedlings and staking the plants. You need a dowel, tomato seeds, fertilizer and two pots.

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  1. Pick a tomato variety to grow

    Pick a tomato variety that grows well in containers, such as a plant that produces small fruits. Determinate varieties produce fruits that grow and ripen only once, which makes these plants easier to care for in a container.

  2. Start the seeds

    Add potting mix to small pots. Place each seed in a 1/4-inch-deep hole. Water the plant enough that the soil remains moist.

  3. Place the plants in a good spot

    Place the pots in an area that reaches between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. A warming mat or radiator are good spots. Once the seeds germinate, place them in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight.

  4. Transplant the seedlings

    Once the seedlings reach 3 inches in height, transfer them to larger pots.

  5. Fertilize the plants

    After two weeks, fertilize the plants.

  6. Water the plants

    Water the plants regularly. As the plants grow, turn the pots every day so that the sunlight reaches all parts of the plant evenly.

  7. Stake the plants

    If you are using an indeterminate variety of plants that continuously produces fruit, stake the plants as needed with a dowel or trellis.

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