How Do You Grow Tomato Plants Upside Down?

How Do You Grow Tomato Plants Upside Down?

Growing tomatoes upside down eliminates the need for staking and helps to maximize space. Choose a commercially prepared planter or one you make yourself from a five-gallon bucket. The process requires potting soil, a tomato plant, slow release fertilizer and liquid fertilizer.

  1. Give adequate support

    The planter, with moist soil, plant and fruit, weighs approximately 50 pounds. Most shepherd's hooks for hanging baskets aren't adequate for this weight. Properly attached wall brackets are a better choice. Install the support in a location where tomatoes receive full sun for most of the day.

  2. Plant the tomatoes

    Choose an appropriate variety of tomato for the upside down container. The best choices are plants that produce relatively small fruit, such as cherry or grape tomatoes. Remove the tomato from the pot. Insert it through the hole in the bottom of the planter. Secure it in place while you add the potting soil. Add the fertilizer to the potting soil. Hang the container from the selected apparatus. Water generously after the pot is in place.

  3. Provide routine care

    Keep the soil moist but not saturated throughout the growing season. Add liquid fertilizer weekly to provide the food the plant needs to grow tomatoes. If using a five-gallon bucket, set the lid on top of the bucket without sealing it to reduce evaporation while allowing the roots to get adequate air circulation.