How Do You Grow Thyme?


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Grow thyme by placing the plant in a sunny location, planting the thyme before the last frost, watering the plant regularly, controlling the growth and mulching the soil around the plants. You need a thyme plant or cuttings, a garden trowel and mulch for this project.

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  1. Choose a good location for the plant

    Choose a spot for planting that receives full or partial sunlight and gives the plant plenty of space to grow. Choose soil that is sandy or loamy and well-drained.

  2. Plant at the right time

    Plant the thyme in soil that reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and plant it a few weeks before the last frost.

  3. Plant the thyme

    Plant the thyme in a hole at least 9 inches from the nearest plant. For best results, grow the thyme near cabbage.

  4. Water the plant

    Water the thyme plant regularly.

  5. Prune the plant

    Trim the thyme regularly to control its growth, and prune the plant more heavily during summer. Harvest the sprigs if desired. Take cuttings from the thyme plant, and plant them in soil to grow more herbs.

  6. Mulch the soil

    During winter, add a thick layer of mulch to the soil around the plant. Mulch helps the plant survive when the ground freezes.

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