How Do You Grow Tayberries?


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A tayberry is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. They are easy to grow, requiring very little maintenance. You will need to stake new tayberry growth each year.

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  1. Plant in rich, moist soil

    Tayberries prefer rich, moist soil. Amend the soil with well-rotted compost and manure before planting. Apply more compost and manure on a yearly basis. Plant tayberries during autumn or early spring when the plant is dormant. To propagate the plant, bury the tips of a cane in the ground. Cut it away from the parent plant a few weeks later when it has rooted.

  2. Support new growth

    Tayberries send up new canes the first spring after planting. These canes do not bear fruit until the next year. Support the canes with a frame. A large, fan-shaped frame works best. Cut off the ends of the canes to keep them from spreading.

  3. Protect, and harvest the fruit

    Watch the vines closely for the first signs of flowers. The fruit appears soon after. Once the flowers appear, cover the plant with netting to keep birds away from the fruit.

  4. Prune back old growth

    After the fruit has been harvested, prune back the old canes to ground level. New canes return in the spring to produce the next harvest.

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