How Do I Grow Sugar Baby Watermelon?

How Do I Grow Sugar Baby Watermelon?

How Do I Grow Sugar Baby Watermelon?

Sugar baby watermelons require about 75 days to fully mature. Watermelons grow best in warm, damp soil and require fertilizer, mulch and protection from pests to successfully mature. Sugar baby watermelons can be watered using a trickle irrigation system to prevent wilting or overwatering.

  1. Amend the soil

    Add compost or a natural fertilizer, such as manure, to the soil before planting watermelons. Mix the fertilizer into the soil thoroughly.

  2. Plant the watermelon seedlings

    Plant seedlings at least 3 feet apart after the last frost, then cover the plants with floating row covers.

  3. Provide seedlings with water

    Install a trickle irrigation system and place mulch around the base of each seedling to ensure the plants have enough water to grow properly.

  4. Care for the developing watermelons

    Place a layer of straw under the watermelons as soon as they reach the size of a grapefruit to prevent damage caused by contact with the ground. Water the plants daily until the last few weeks of the growing season, then water sparingly to produce sweet melons.

  5. Harvest the ripe watermelons

    Harvest sugar baby watermelons when they reach a size of about 8 inches in diameter. A yellow underside indicates that a melon is ready to harvest.