How Do You Grow String Beans?


String beans, also called green beans, grow in bushes or along poles. Both bush and pole beans require full sun, moist soil, proper planting time and fertilizer. Pole beans are climbers and require support.

  1. Prepare the soil and plant seeds

    Work organic matter into the soil, and prepare planting rows with walking space in between for easier maintenance and care. Plant either type of bean 1 to 2 inches deep. For pole beans, place a tepee or support in the ground before sowing the seeds. Plant six to eight seeds around the tepee, and space them 6 inches apart. Plant bush beans in single rows, or broadcast the seed and thin the plants later.

  2. Spread mulch and water the seeds

    Because string beans grow with shallow roots, place mulch over the newly planted areas to help retain moisture. Water the area right after planting.

  3. Maintain and harvest the beans

    Water the plants whenever the soil appears to be losing surface moisture. If necessary, train the pole beans around their support as they begin to grow. Pole beans also benefit from an application of fertilizer halfway through their growth period. Harvest bush beans when they reach the desired size but before they become tough. Harvest pole beans every few days to encourage the plants to set flowers.