How Do You Grow a Stonecrop Plant?


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To grow stonecrop plants, fill a pot with regular potting soil or cactus soil, and apply indentations in the soil before inserting plant cuttings. Get the cuttings from such stonecrop plants as Sedum hispanicum, Sedum acre and Sedum anglicum to grow well-textured plants.

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How Do You Grow a Stonecrop Plant?
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  1. Fill the pots

    Place regular potting soil or cactus soil in a pot. Make indentations in the soil to mark the entry point of the cuttings.

  2. Cut the plants

    Take some stems and leaves from the original plant. Make a 2-inch cut from long stems to extract the cuttings. Pull away a few leaves at the bottom of plants that are large and thick. Cut large, thin leaves in half before planting.

  3. Plant the cuttings

    Insert the cuttings in the indents, and place extra soil around the base of the indent. Leave at least a 1-inch layer of the stems and leaves above ground.

  4. Nurture the cuttings

    Water the cuttings consistently, and apply water whenever they begin to dry out. Allow the plants to dry between each watering session. Supply adequate moisture during the growing season, which is during the summer. Place the pots in areas where there are quality air flow and plenty of sunshine, but avoid placing them in direct sunlight.

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