How Do You Grow Stevia?

How Do You Grow Stevia?

To begin growing stevia plants, gather well-drained soil, compost, mulch, water and stevia seedlings. As the growing season progresses, garden twine, fertilizer and wooden stakes can also be used to care for the plants. Most stevia plants are ready to use within 8 to 12 weeks after planting outdoors.

  1. Transplant the stevia seedlings

    Prepare the soil by amending to ensure proper drainage, or make raised garden beds that contain slightly sandy soil and compost. Dig holes that are deep enough to completely cover the root ball of the stevia plants, then water each hole thoroughly. Transplant the seedlings to the prepared soil.

  2. Care for the stevia crop during hot weather

    Place 4 to 6 inches of mulch around each plant during early summer if the weather is hot, and use a trickle irrigation system to water the plants twice weekly.

  3. Prune and fertilize the plants

    Pinch off small side shoots every 3 weeks throughout the growing season to increase stevia harvests. If needed, use a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen 30 days after planting.

  4. Corral large stevia plants

    Place a stake by large stevia plants, then loosely wrap garden twine around the stems. Tie the twine to the stake to hold the stevia plants securely until harvest.

  5. Harvest the stevia plants

    Harvest the stevia plants as soon as blossoms appear.