How Do You Grow Staghorn Ferns?


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Grow staghorn ferns in either indoor or outdoor locations that provide medium light and soil that is moderately moist. Place outdoor plants in areas that have partial shade, and ensure that indoor plants receive bright indirect lighting. Place ferns in a basket or mount on a piece of wood, and provide a little mound of compost or other organic matter. Use plant strips to secure the plant to a growing medium.

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Older ferns produce pups that fill in the area around the main plant. Ferns do not produce seeds, so the best way to start new plants is to transplant the pups. Use a sharp knife to remove the pup from the parent plant, and wrap the cut end in damp moss before attaching it a piece of bark or wood. Provide the same care and conditions for the pups as the adult plants.

Careful regulation of humidity, lighting and temperature control is essential for growing and maintaining healthy plants. Ferns live for many years when properly cared for, and older plants can grow up to several hundred pounds in their natural environments. Allow the plants to dry out a little between waterings, and fertilize the plants once a month using fertilizer diluted with water. Over-watering plants may result in a fungal disease known as black spot.

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