How Do You Grow Sprouts?

How Do You Grow Sprouts?

Grow sprouts by preparing the sprouting seeds, storing them in a water-filled jar, agitating them regularly, and then draining the jar. You need sprouting seeds, a jar, a cheesecloth, paper towels, a storage bag and water.

  1. Purchase sprouts

    Purchase sprouting seeds for vegetables such as beans, radishes, peas, alfalfa, beet and sunflower seeds. Candidates for sprouting do not include peppers, tomatoes and other plants eaten for their fruits rather than their leaves.

  2. Prepare the jar

    Purchase a wide-mouth jar such as a mason jar. Fill the lower 2 inches of the jar with warm water.

  3. Add the seeds

    Add a tablespoon of sprouting seeds to the jar. Allow the seeds to sit in the water overnight.

  4. Drain the water

    Place a cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar, and drain all the water.

  5. Rinse the seeds

    Add more water to the jar. Agitate the seeds by swirling the jar, and drain the water.

  6. Repeat the rinsing process

    Repeat the rinsing process twice a day until the sprouts are a good size and have begun to turn green.

  7. Store the sprouts

    Place a paper towel in a food storage bag, and store the sprouts on the towel. Eat the sprouts within 7 days.