How Do You Grow Snap Peas?

How Do You Grow Snap Peas?

While easy to grow, snap peas do not tolerate heat. Plant them about one month before the last frost of the season.

  1. Plant the peas

    Plant peas when soil temperatures reach 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait until the soil is dry enough to work without it sticking to the tools. Soak the seeds overnight for better germination. Plant the seeds approximately 5 inches apart. Compact plants do well without a trellis, but long-vined varieties benefit from support.

  2. Provide proper care

    Avoid adding nitrogen fertilizer to peas because they affix their own nitrogen from the air. Use bone meal to provide phosphorous. Don't add too much water when peas are young to allow them to develop deeper roots. Once they start to bloom, water frequently. Apply water early in the day so the leaves dry before nightfall to prevent powdery mildew.

  3. Harvest the crop

    Harvest snap peas when the pods are full but tender. Pick peas daily to encourage the vines to produce more peas. Eat or refrigerate soon after harvesting to prevent the sugars from turning to starch. To freeze peas, wash and dry before placing loose pods into a freezer bag and storing in the freezer. Peas will continue to produce as long as daytime temperatures remain below 80 degrees. Once the harvest is over, add remaining vines to the compost pile to increase the nitrogen content.