How Do You Grow Silver Queen Corn?


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Silver queen corn is a type of sweet corn that can be grown in warm weather throughout the United States. For an optimal harvest, gardeners must carefully maintain proper soil quality, fertilizing and watering as necessary.

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How Do You Grow Silver Queen Corn?
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The corn should not be planted until all danger of frost has passed. The last frost date for specific areas is available from the United States Department of Agriculture. After that date, the corn can be planted in tilled soil with a pH between six and seven. The corn should be planted in a place where it receives between eight and ten hours of direct sunlight each day. Importantly, corn stalks must cross-pollinate with one another to produce corn, so plant the corn in multiple rows rather than in a single row.

After planting, the soil may need ammonium nitrate fertilizer to maintain a healthy plant. Depending on the type of soil, additional fertilizers may be necessary. Water the corn each day, increasing the amount of water when the stalks are pollinating and when the corn is nearly ripe. Water early in the day so the leaves are dry before dusk to avoid mildew and other damage. Silver queen corn can usually be picked about ninety two days after the initial planting.

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