How Do You Grow a Scotch Broom Plant?


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To grow a Scotch broom plant, provide the plant with a sunny location, regular water and fertilizer. The plant can be pruned in the spring and propagated at the end of summer. The Scotch broom plant is a fast-growing, hardy plant that may grow up to 6 feet in height after several years.

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  1. Plant seeds or cuttings

    Start Scotch broom seeds indoors in early spring, then transplant the seedlings to a sunny location outdoors after the last frost of the season. Scotch broom is typically propagated in late summer by taking a cutting and planting it outdoors.

  2. Water the plant regularly during the first season

    Seedlings and cuttings require regular watering during the first season after planting. After the first growing season, water the plant only when soil is very dry, and avoid overwatering the plant. The Scotch broom is a drought-resistant plant that does not require regular watering after the root system is well-established.

  3. Provide regular care

    Fertilize the plant at the beginning of spring, and prune the bush before seed pods form to prevent the Scotch broom from becoming invasive. To prune the Scotch broom plant, remove up to one-fourth of the flowering branches, and remove any dead or woody stalks.

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