How Do You Grow Sago Palms From Seeds?

How Do You Grow Sago Palms From Seeds?

Sago palms are a nice addition to any tropical garden. They do not grow into tall trees, but stay lower to the ground. They produce their own seeds that can be planted to grow new palms. They can also be purchased from growers.

  1. Put your seeds in water

    If the seeds are still wearing their orange seed coats, soaking them in water for a few days will allow you to remove them. If they are already ivory-colored, then soak them in water for a day to moisturize them and get them ready for planting.

  2. Fill planting flats with appropriate soil

    The planting flats need to be fairly large because the seeds are also relatively large. They need to be at least 5 to 6 inches deep to give plenty of room for the roots to develop. The soil you use can be 50 percent perlite and 50 percent peat moss.

  3. Plant seeds

    The seeds should be planted on their sides, with only about one-third of their flat side showing. Water the seeds when the top 2 or 3 inches of the soil are dry. Make sure the soil is thoroughly saturated with each watering. Water the seeds carefully so you do not knock them out of the ground.

  4. Transplant outside

    The first leaves that sprout from the seed will be tender and may not do well in direct full sun. They can grow in pots outside or inside for the first year or two. They will be hardy enough to live outside during the third year.