How Do You Grow Sage?


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Plant sage in an area with full sun and well-drained soil, and water the plant frequently throughout the growing season. To prevent disease, thin the leaves on the plant regularly, and do not overwater. Sage can be harvested for use after the plant reaches 12 inches in height.

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  1. Plant the seedlings

    Plant sage seedlings in a sunny location 18 to 24 inches apart during early spring or autumn. Sage thrives in well-drained soil. To amend clay, add a mixture of sand and organic matter, such as compost, to ensure the soil drains properly.

  2. Prevent mildew on the plant

    Sage is susceptible to mildew in hot, humid climates. Water the plant frequently until it is well established, and thin the leaves on the plant regularly after the first two months to reduce the risk of mildew. Place pebbles around the base of the plant, rather than mulch, to further prevent mildew.

  3. Harvest and prune the plant

    Sage should be lightly harvested the first year. After the first year, sage can be harvested up to three times per year. To promote growth, prune any woody stalks on the plant annually. Sage plants should be replaced after five years. Sage can be dried and stored in airtight containers for use throughout the year.

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