How Do You Grow Roses From Cuttings?


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Grow roses from cuttings by taking a healthy cutting, drilling a hole in a potato the same diameter as the cutting, dipping the cutting in rooting hormone, placing the cutting in a potato and planting in a pot filled with potting medium. Give time for roots to develop and transplant.

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  1. Take a healthy cutting

    Take about an 8-inch cutting. Cut off any dead flowers and hips. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting.

  2. Prepare the potato

    Peel the potato and use a screwdriver to drill a hole about the same size as the rose cutting.

  3. Dip the cutting in rooting hormone

    Cut the bottom of the cutting at a 45-degree angle. Dip the cutting into rooting hormone. Shake off the excess hormone.

  4. Place the cutting in the potato

    Push the prepared end of the cutting into the potato. Put the potato into a pot filled with potting medium, and cover it. Place a water bottle with both ends removed over the cutting to preserve moisture and heat.

  5. Check for root development

    Once roots form, the cutting no longer moves when lifted. Remove the water bottle, and move it to an inside location with full sun to harden. Keep the soil moist and transplant to the garden after a week of hardening.

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