How Do You Grow Rosemary?


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Grow rosemary by planting it at the right time of year, choosing a good location, watering the plant regularly, trimming and pruning the limbs and getting cuttings of the plant. You need water, a pot, well-drained soil and pruning scissors.

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How Do You Grow Rosemary?
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  1. Plant the rosemary at the right time of year

    Plant the rosemary outside once the soil reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to plant rosemary during the winter, you may plant it indoors.

  2. Choose a good location

    Choose a location for the rosemary where it can receive plenty of full sun and room to grow. It can grow up to 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, so keep this in mind when selecting a location. Plant rosemary near carrots, sage or beans.

  3. Plant the rosemary

    Plant the rosemary in loamy or sandy soil. If you are planting during the winter, place it in a pot of well-drained soil. Keep it in a place where it can receive plenty of sunlight.

  4. Water the plant

    Water the plant regularly and evenly.

  5. Trim and prune the plant

    Trim and prune the plant regularly in order to keep the branches from getting too long.

  6. Get cuttings of the plant

    Gather cuttings of the rosemary to plant in the next year.

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