How Do You Grow Root Cuttings in Water?


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The process of growing root cuttings in water starts with watering the parent plant thoroughly for a few days prior to cutting, removing a section of stem containing a growing tip and submerging the stem section of the cutting in a water-filled jar. Next comes transplanting the cutting once the root system has developed past a certain point.

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Only take cuttings from plants that are healthy and free of disease. Sufficient watering prior to cutting the adult plant is essential as drought conditions may cause stress that could damage both the cutting and parent plant. Use sharp scissors or a knife to take the cutting, making a clean-angled cut just above the leaf node. Try to leave at least two leaves on each cutting. Position cuttings in a jar so that the stem is submerged but the leaves are out of the water or resting on the lip of the jar.

Place cuttings in an area that offers partial sunlight and moderate temperatures. Monitor the cuttings regularly, and replace any water that becomes cloudy or evaporates. Cuttings are ready for transplant once their roots have grown to a few inches in length. Handle the cutting gently, and transplant to pots or outdoor locations that have moist soil.

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