How Do You Grow Romaine Lettuce?


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Grow romaine lettuce by purchasing lettuce starts, selecting a good location for the plants, preparing the soil, planting the starts, and watering and fertilizing the plants. You need romaine starts, a soil test kit, sulfur or limestone, fertilizer and soil amendments.

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  1. Purchase lettuce starts

    Purchase romaine lettuce starts from a plant nursery or buy a packet of lettuce seeds.

  2. Select a good location for the plants

    Select a location for planting the starts that receives full sun at least four hours a day and partial sun the rest of the day. Temperatures should range between 45 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Prepare the soil

    Use a soil test kit to test the soil to ensure a pH level between 6.2 and 6.8. If the pH is to acidic or basic, add limestone or sulfur to it. Prepare the soil with nitrogen fertilizer and organic matter, such as manure, compost or blood meal.

  4. Plant the starts

    Dig holes for the starts that are 4 inches deep and 4 inches in diameter. Place the holes 12 inches apart. Plant the starts in the holes, and fill in the space with soil.

  5. Water the seedlings

    Water the seedlings frequently, but do not let the soil become soggy.

  6. Fertilize the plants

    Fertilize the plants regularly throughout the growing season.

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