How Do You Grow Rice?


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Grow rice by preparing the seeds a few days prior to planting, amending the soil with compost and planting the rice in a soil and water mixture. Keep the soil moist, and thin out the seedlings once they reach six inches tall.

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First, choose a planting site that receives plenty of direct sunlight. Add a generous amount of organic material to the garden bed, working it into the top several inches of dirt. Level the soil, and dig trenches for the rice. To grow rice in a bucket, fill it with six inches of soil and compost mixed with six inches of water.

Next, prepare the rice seeds for planting by soaking them in water for 36 days. Set the seeds out until they dry, about 24 hours. Rice can also be planted as seedlings, but must be well-watered prior to planting. Wait until outside soil temperatures are at 75 degrees Fahrenheit before planting.

Sprinkle the rice seeds in the bucket, or press them into the garden bed. Add a layer of mulch, and water the plants often. Once the seedlings start to grow, fill the trenches with one inch of water or keep the soil moist at all times. Once the seedlings are six inches tall, thin the plants so that they are at least three inches apart.

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