How Do You Grow a Redhaven Peach Tree?

How Do You Grow a Redhaven Peach Tree?

Plant Redhaven peach trees in an area that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight daily and has fertile, well-drained soil. Water it regularly, keep an eye out for insects or diseases and fertilize the tree every year.

  1. Plant a Redhaven peach tree in a sunny spot

    Dig a hole that is several inches deeper and wider than the spread of the tree's roots to provide space for the roots to expand. Mix garden compost or dehydrated manure into the top soil to enrich it with nutrients. Fill the hole with the topsoil, firm it around the roots to remove air pockets and water the tree thoroughly.

  2. Water the tree regularly

    Make sure that the tree gets at least 1 inch of water weekly, either from rainfall or supplemental watering. Water it more frequently during prolonged periods of extreme heat.

  3. Watch for pests and diseases

    Watch for signs of disease, such as stunted growth, which indicates crown gall. Potential pests include aphids, which are tiny insects that cluster on the underside of leaves and on stems. Treat problems as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to the tree.

  4. Fertilize the tree every year

    Fertilize the tree with 1 pound of a nitrogen-based fertilizer approximately six weeks after planting it. From then on, fertilize it with an all-purpose fertilizer every year in the spring before the tree shows signs of new growth.