How do you grow red currant bushes?


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To grow red currant bushes, place the plants in a spot with direct sunlight and at least three feet between them. Regularly prune, mulch and watch for pests.

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Plant red currant bushes in the spring in rich, well-drained soil. These plants can grow in part shade or less nutrient filled soil, but do not set as much fruit. Add 2 to 4 inches of mulch such as pine needles, compost or wood chips around the base of the plant, and refresh it each year. Remove any weeds as they grow.

Prune red currant bushes at the end of winter to stimulate new growth and to allow light and air to circulate. Get rid of broken or weak branches and if the bush is over four years old, cut the oldest growth. In the summer, look for pests and diseases. Aphids and fruit flies can appear but are often eaten by other insects. Prevent powdery mildew by keeping the area around the plants clean. This fungus is caused and encouraged by poor air circulation.

In the fall, remove dead plant material like fallen leaves so winter snows don't pack it around the plant and create an environment for diseases to thrive when the weather warms up.

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