How Do You Grow Potatoes in Tires?


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Potatoes can be grown in raised beds by stacking tires and filling them with soil. Assembling the bed and planting the potatoes takes about 20 minutes. The process requires seed potatoes, two to four tires and about 15 pounds of soil per tire.

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  1. Gather tires

    Any size tire is appropriate for the potato beds. Tires that are stacked should be roughly the same size to maintain the bed's structural integrity.

  2. Assemble the bed base

    Place the potato bed on a level site that has adequate drainage and full sun. Place the first tire on the site, and fill it with soil until the dirt reaches the top of the tire. Carve out six holes that measure 4 inches deep and wide. Place one seed potato in each hole, and cover with soil. Water the surface until it is damp. Wait about six weeks for the potato tops to appear.

  3. Add tires to the bed

    When the tops of the potato plants are at least 2 inches high, add another tire on top of the base tire. Fill the second tire with dirt, and repeat the planting and watering procedure. Continue this process until the bed includes up to four tires.

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