How Do You Grow Pole Beans?


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Grow pole beans by preparing beds, planting seeds directly in the ground and providing a trellis. Provide 1 inch of moisture weekly, but avoid wetting the foliage, which encourages diseases.

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  1. Prepare the beds

    Prepare beds for pole beans where they receive full sun. Choose a well-drained soil with a pH between 6 and 6.8.

  2. Plant directly in the ground

    Plant beans directly in the ground when soil temperatures are at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit and after the danger of the last frost. Beans do not transplant well and soaking before planting to speed germination potentially damages the seeds. Plant the seed 1-inch deep and in hills with four to six beans per hill.

  3. Provide a trellis

    Pole beans require a 5- to 6-foot tall trellis for support. Lash bamboo poles together to form the support. Install the trellis before the seeds sprout to avoid damaging the roots. Make sure trellises do not block the sun from other plants requiring full sun.

  4. Provide water weekly

    Although pole beans prefer well-drained soil, they require regular watering to form pods. Provide about 1 inch of water each week. Avoid spraying water on the leaves of pole beans, which encourages mildew growth and other diseases.

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