How Do You Grow a Plantain Tree?

How Do You Grow a Plantain Tree?

Growing a plantain tree requires filtered sunlight, warm temperatures, weed removal, mulching, watering, pruning and fertilizing. In order to grow a plantain tree, a gardener must find a good location that gets plenty of filtered or full sunlight.

A plantain tree needs plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures to produce fruit. If planted close to a building, the tree captures the heat radiating off of that building.

Weeds need to be removed from the area where the tree is being planted. Weeds should be removed both before and after the planting. After the weeds are removed, a deep hole needs to be dug that comfortably fits the root ball of the tree. There should be at least four feet between the tree and other plants.

After planting, a plantain tree needs mulching for maximum growth. Organic mulch helps keep the soil moist and protects the roots. The tree needs to be fertilized once a month. Plantain trees need plenty of water. The soil should never dry out, especially during hot weather. The soil should remain moist, but not wet.

The plant needs to be protected with a blanket if the temperature falls below freezing. The portion of the tree underground survives with temperatures as low as 22 degrees Fahrenheit and sends up new shoots in the spring if the above ground portion of the plant dies in the winter.