How Do You Grow Pineapple in a Container?


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Use a knife to cut the leafy top and several inches of fruit off an ordinary pineapple that can be purchased whole at most grocery stores. Use a container that is 6 to 8 inches deep, and fill it with soil or mulch. The mulch or soil at the bottom of the container should be compacted. Dig a small hole, and place the pineapple top in it. Place the container in a sunny place, water intermittently, and fertilize naturally.

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Remove all flesh from the pineapple top before planting. After placing it in the container, pack the soil, and mulch over the bottom inch or so of the pineapple top.

The leaves of the pineapple take in most of the plant's water, food and nutrients, so focus on the leaves when watering the plant. Water the plant sparingly, and avoid making the soil soggy. Nonorganic plant food or fertilizer burns the leaves of the pineapple plant. If an organic fertilizer cannot be easily obtained, use a natural plant food, such as fish emulsion, seaweed extract or chicken manure pellets. Watch the pineapple leaves closely, and if they turn yellow or brown the plant needs to be watered or fed.

When the pineapple plant has rooted itself, transplant the pineapple into a larger container that is at least 1 foot deep. This size container should be sufficient because the pineapple plant roots do not grow to be very large or sprawling even when the plant leaves become large, flower and grow fruit.

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